Drop Dead Accuracy Course


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Anatomical hits in a gunfight make the stop. The Drop Dead reactive target is a one of a kind technology that will get you the accuracy you need. Learn precision deliberate fire like a sniper with a handgun.

Why you would want to train with this target system is it’s trademarked “Sufficient Force Training”™. The target system requires multiple deliberate hits to knock it down. Lucky shots don’t work.  Your fundamental shooting technique has to be good. With this class your shooting will be excellent.

6 hours, 300 Rounds, two handguns, strong side holsters, a welcome letter will be provided with more details upon payment and registration.

Evidence of regular practice is required as a prerequisite for attendance. At least twice a month live for practice, for two months prior to attending is recommended for maximum learning effect.

Remember: There is no such thing as a lucky shot in our class.


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