Advanced Refresher or Renewal Course


Are you interested in going beyond the basics of a standard Concealed Carry Renewal course?  We offer more training in conjunction with the standard course material and qualifications.



Advanced Concealed Carry License Refresher or Renewal Courses

Advanced training takes the participant closer to mastering skills. A characteristic of advanced training is immersing the student into new environments to  test fundamental skills. Night Shooting, Multiple Opponent, Road Rage and Close Contact Shooting courses are all environmentally based courses. Another characteristic of advanced training is the addition of  time as a factor in training.  Skill performance time is shortened or lengthened hardening and polishing fundamental skills. Often special shooting timers are used during advanced training. The advanced training courses give the shooter more material and opportunities to come closer to mastering their self defense skills.

Mastering of skills is when a person can perform on demand in any environment. Mastery skills are developed to an unconscious level of competence.The concealed  or security license attempts to establish a minimum safe standard when in reality there is no such thing. There is a regular process of carrying and maintaining firearms and skills that must be done on a frequent basis.  Even after completing the basic class, a person must practice and master the skills given to have the best level of safety. Advanced training makes it easier to achieve proficiency. Advanced training is a great venue for personal growth and improving your security.

We like to give our students a challenge and accomplishment. Our program is more than just a state license.

Three easy steps to take Advanced Handgun Refresher or Renewal Courses

1. Review the course schedule for the program you are interested in ( See the course schedule here)

2. Upon Registration you will receive a welcome letter. Follow the instructions.

3. Bring a family member of friend for a $25 dollar discount upon their registration(s). Enjoy the training!

Note: Most advanced courses are $175.00. Some courses are $225. Most courses include extensive manuals and we plan to add ” online enhancement” programs to maximize your home learning experience.


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