Online Handgun Renewal and Refresher

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To review the knowledge, skills and attitudes to use a concealed handgun for self defense.


Safety and Etiquette

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: Fred BehnkenComplexity: Standard

A Fatal Assumption: Assuming that a person does not have the means to cause injury or death to you or another- with or without a weapon.   You should ALWAYS assume…

Safety and Security Journal

Author: Fred Behnken

    Obtain a paper notebook/ make a computer file Keep notes about what you learn from this program. Keep hard copy records of tasks required. Gunsmith check records Gun…

Fundamentals of Deadly Force

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: Fred BehnkenComplexity: Standard

Prepare and train to use deadly force as a “Last Resort”. Document your preparations and training in your journal. Involve your inner circle, as much as possible. Do tactics training…

Rifles and Shotguns

Author: Fred Behnken

Rifles and Shotguns are the primary firearm you want to defend yourself. Rifles and Shotguns are much more dangerous than handguns. If a criminal has a rifle and shotgun, your…

Handgun Tactics Exercise Phase Two

Author: Fred Behnken

In this lesson you will evaluate Task #1, Environmental Awareness Task #2 and #3, Subject and Your Readiness. Getting Unexpected Position of Advantage is a Topic. Tactical Move is a…

Range Qualification

Length: 180 minutesAuthor: Fred Behnken

Basic Qualification Range Session- 2.5 to 3 hours Range Setup and Preparation 30 minutes Range Qualification Activities- 1.5 hours Range Orientation Safety Briefing Handgun Function Check Close Range Shooting- Ungraded…