Active Shooter Moving Attacker Response Course

Amazing Shooting Experience

Amazing Shooting Experience

React to Moving Targets Now!

Movement in a gunfight is a given. You have to be able to hit a moving assailant. In your basic training you were given fundamentals to hit a moving attacker while moving yourself. Now it is time to intensely experience hitting the bad guy. Don’t just stand there- sign up.

Reality Based Engagements

Reality Based Engagements – Multiple Subjects in Depth.

This is a rare program. We could only find one course on the East coast that offers a concentrated moving engagement program. This program is a unique value that few can experience publicly.

Numbers and Shapes

Fast and Accurate Response Exercises

Intense Personal Advanced Instruction

Intense Personal Advanced Instruction

James Bliehall, Founder of Intelligent Targets,  has designed several training target systems that give you the edge.

Watching the Hands

Shoot and No Shoot Response


Attacker Drop Dead Course

Immediate stops require precision anatomical accuracy.  You will be tested by the Drop Dead Target System. Instant feedback will get you on target.  You will have accuracy you never dreamed of after attending this program.