About Us

Fred Behnken


Our Excellent Record of Service

Since 1989 Fred Behnken’s Personal Security Consulting has been in the business. New Mexico’s oldest and most trusted firearms training academy. We have trained over 7000 students with a perfect safety record. Consider the experience it is to train 7000 plus people over 26 years.

In addition, for twenty six years our company has consulted and trained security in a variety of industries. Schools, hospitals, casinos, banking, defense industry and government contracting are the major industries. What this translates  to is a versatile training system that gets results for you.  Even in your handgun license renewal the time you spend with us will be time well spent. We hope your will attend many other security classes with us and get involved in using our Online training.

You should visit LinkedIn for the owner of the company, Fred Behnken, to see his experience and qualifications.  We also have a Facebook page with current events and related news. Please tour these pages for more information. There are some good videos to watch, as well.

About Our Training Program

Our program has been field tested with a perfect safety record. The individual and group management skills promoted in our program are responsible for the perfect safety record. In particular, we promote teamwork as a primary strategy in coping with crime. Safety is best insured with teamwork. Regular assessment and attention to the environment are the starting training point for crime prevention. Individual training skills are based on scientific research, historical evidence and feedback from our clients. The self defense skills taught are based on natural  skills consciously brought to a high level.

There is no other training system in the country like ours. Because of our commitment to our students and organizational clients for twenty six years, we have had the longevity to develop a training program that is integrated and has cross experience. Critical fundamental concepts overlap in each program to strongly reinforce your skills. If you have taken our basic handgun program, your experience in our advanced handgun courses will include reinforcement and deepening of fundamental safety concepts. We have a unique tactics teaching concept that will give you the dynamic tactics you need to keep yourself and others safe.

Our firearms training  as an example will always include a situational overview provided in our tactics training concept. 360 Awareness skills and violent patterns are visualized to speed response. Verbal commands, movement, use of cover, no shoot suspect control exercises, and shooting skills that have a ninety percent hit rate in gun fights. This is just the basic level of training.

For recertifying at the advanced level, we specialized courses that reinforce the above basic level training fundamentals. Have you really trained for a carjacking, road rage or remote location crime?  Night shooting is a sorely needed skill in the gun community.  Upgrading your firearm  and supporting security equipment technology. Fighting at contact range, using strikes, disarms and take downs. What would happen in a cold weather incident? All of this is integrated eliminating conflicting training and reducing training time needed to be successful. Advanced course re-certification is encouraged.

About our Relationship

We have built a business by building lasting relationships with our students and organizational clients. We follow up to make sure the job gets done.  Your inner circle of family, neighbors and friends are important to your safety and we want them to come to our training. Our goal is to build a safe community.

About Volunteering

If you are interested in helping to make a safer community, please contact us.  You will enjoy helping and we always welcome you.